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Our products can be shipped in different forms through the value chain. We make it a creed to only deliver products to clients’ specifications. Ingren Trading Limited however outlines the forms our products could be sold in. (This list is by no means exhaustive).
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Commodity Product Forms
1. Wood
  1. Plywood and veneer (decorative, core/face, rotary/ sliced)
  2. Profile boards
  3. Client specific sawn timber
  4. Pre-fabricated floorings
  5. Round logs (with bark or debarked)
  6. Local furniture, handicraft and carvings
  7. Joineries (exterior and interior)
2. Gold
  1. Raw gold
  2. Refined gold
  3. God dust
  4. Client specific products (Ornaments, rings etc.)
3. Cocoa
  1. Raw beans
  2. Cocoa pods
  3. Cocoa cakes (For further processing)
  4. Seedlings
  5. Chocolates
4.Bamboo/ NFTP’s
  1. Raw bamboo culms
  2. Sliced culms
  3. Bamboo seedlings
  4. Laminates
  5. Pre-fabricated floorings
  6. Ply bamboo and boards
  7. Locally made handicrafts (necklaces, bangles etc)
  8. Weavings (Basketry, mats etc)
  9. Carvings (sculpture, arts etc)
  10. Bamboo Bicycles


Sales by Ingren Trading Limited are made by private treaty at the best obtainable prices, based on world market values. Negotiations are governed by normal commercial considerations, with no discrimination in favour of or against any individual, company or organisation.


QUOTATIONS will remain valid for 14 days from the date supplied.


Sales and exports are normally made on an insurance, freight or price basis. Buyers are required to declare ports of destination at the time of negotiation, or at least two full calendar months prior to the commencement of the contract shipment period. Exports to major open ports overseas are allowed, subject to the payment of the appropriate freight charge. Requests for changes of destination are entertained, but Ingren Trading Limited reserves the right to deal with each request on its own merit, and to reject shipments to ports, which are not easily accessible.