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Ingren Trading Limited purchases gold from small-scale local miners, who use modern and environmentally friendly extraction methods. Gold is exported through the PMMC, who undertakes all due diligence which is solely mandated by the Ghanaian constitution (Act 461) to market gold to the outside world . This includes assessment of the quality and purity, determination of the karat value of the gold, and the quantity of gold we export to our clients before shipment commences. We purchase gold at below 5% world market price, which is negotiable. Our Gold sales range from 22 karat to 24 karat and above at 99.999% purity.

At Ingren Trading Ltd, we support sustainable mining operation by ensuring that local miners use modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly methods to extract gold. We insist upon the effective implementation of the highest health and safety standards for the benefit and protection of mining employees. Our aims, therefore, are to protect the environment from damage, and to provide safe and secure employment for the local miners.

As part of our environmental sustainability strategy, we work closely with governing institutions in Ghana to educate and impart up to date knowledge to the small-scale miners, as well as supporting them in switching to more modern and environmentally friendly extraction methods. Outdated and harmful methods of extracting gold can pollute air and drinking water and lead to soil erosion and deforestation, as well as placing miners themselves at greater risk of injury or death. Therefore, supporting modernisation will not only benefit our company – it will also lead to positive consequences in preserving the environment, as well as developing local communities.

As part of our Green Policy, we do not use miners who use mercury to extract gold from sediment, as this is proven to result in contamination of drinking water as well as groundwater.