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Green Policy

Ingren Trading Limited recognises the impact of our business activities on natural resources, including water, land and forests. We also recognise the impact we have on the people living in the communities we operate. As a result, we are committed to promoting sustainability by minimising the impact of our activities on these natural resources and the environment, as well as providing support and employment for local communities.

Therefore, this is the Ingren Trading Limited policy:

To meet, or exceed where practical, all applicable environmental legislation relating to our business activities.

To integrate sustainability considerations into all of our business decisions by continually examining strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the environment

To continuously work closely with local charities and community based groups to bring sustainable socio-economic development to local communities

To ensure that all staff are fully trained and aware of our Green Policy, and are aware of their responsibility to implement it.

To  conserve our use of natural resources  as much as we are practically able to.

To continuously practise waste Prevention and Management by reducing the quantity and degree of hazard of the waste we generate from our business activities. We commit to handling and disposing of this waste in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimise their impact on the environment.

To implement and ensure environmental risk control and restoration by minimising the risk of other potentially harmful environmental incidents from our business activities and restoring the environment where damaged by us. We commit to enhancing these environments to better support other natural resources.

To consult and continue to work with others in our supply chain to help assure adverse environmental impacts and risks associated with our products are reduced, and properly controlled environmental benefits are optimised.

To collaborate with the communities we conduct our business to protect and improve the environment


We shall continuously integrate sustainability across our entire business processes and day-to-day decision making. We shall engage in pollution prevention activities and develop and promote practices that maximise beneficial effects and minimise harmful effects of our operations and activities on natural resources and the environment. 


Ingren Trading Ltd is committed to the assessment and review of the implementation of this policy and we will develop and track measures of our progress.


An annual report on environmental programs and the implementation of this policy shall be presented to the Board and the Public. This report shall include quantifiable measures of major sustainability goals including Forestry, Land, water, air and the Communities we conduct our business.

Approved by Board:

04th of January 2017