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“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

Ingren Trading Limited is committed to supporting local charities in Ghana.

We aim to impact communities by assisting local charities in Ghana with their projects and campaigns. We works closely with local charities and community based groups who share our vision and desire to bring sustainable socio-economic development to local communities. We work with a range of partners in varying capacities to assist these local charities and community groups. Local organizations like Arocha Ghana, Bright Generation Community Foundation, The Yonso project (Boomers International), Bamboo for Integrated Development-Ghana amongst others work in close partnership with Ingren Trading Limited to restore and deliver basic life support systems to the doorsteps of thousands of communities in West Africa. We are dedicated to supporting projects and initiatives that improves living conditions as well as address pressing social needs.

One thing that is most important to us, is to ensure that local charities are better equipped and prepared to help rebuild communities and positively place these groups on the road to recovery after shocks or disasters. We are mandated through our local partners to build the capacities of local communities for them to face the future on their own terms.

We have a strong commitment to make a sustainable difference to the lives of people in Ghana, therefore;

We work closely with local charities to provide specialized support to the vulnerable and less privileged.

We are continuously working with underprivileged children, young people and women in rural Ghana to end poverty and illiteracy through education and job training programs.


We aim to work with local organization to provide a range of support services for less privileged children born with hereditary conditions such as sickle cell. Long term ill-health in itself can impact an individual’s ability to acquire and maintain education and employment, trapping individuals and families in a cycle of continuous deprivation.

We also aim to build close links with a large number of local charities to provide specialised support, therefore extending their reach to the communities around them.

How we work

Our approach

We believe in making a difference in lives, and we can offer support either financially or by sourcing skilled labour to assist the works of all local charities, community based groups, civil society organisations and other corporate bodies in Ghana.

We build partnerships with other charities to help solve the pressing social problems in the rural areas of Ghana.

We also work with schools and hospitals to provide support to the under privileged in Ghana, especially in the rural areas.

Together with our partners, we undertake green campaigns to champion tree planting in schools and sensitize communities on sustainable tillage and agricultural practices structured to turn the fortunes of local soils and Ghana’s dwindling forest cover in general.